Mighty Max Mobile Apron Rack



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Mighty Max Mobile Apron Rack

To easily prolong the lifespan of your radiation apron, the Mighty Max Mobile Apron Rack is a dependable storage option for your imaging environment. This large, steel storage rack is made to hold up to 10 radiation protection aprons accordingly.  Its design maintains the effectiveness of radiation aprons by not folding and damaging them.

This radiation apron rack fits all of your needs for proper storage while also organizing the aprons to easily see and find your own. It is an ideal solution for departments with multiple teams or clinicians and simplifies the storage process. With built-in sturdy hangers on the rack, practitioners are able to hang their aprons. The special hooks included on the hangers allow the staff to also hang their radiation protection skirts along with their aprons on the same hanger for further storage and organization.

Created with mobility in mind, the stylish base of the rack includes rolling wheels in order to transport it conveniently. Thus, it is a great option for larger facilities which require the rack to be moved. All in all, the Mighty Max Mobile Apron Rack provides a durable, convenient, and stylish storage option for radiation aprons. If you have any questions or have unique radiation protection needs, please contact our team of experts.

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Weight 40 lbs


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