Apron Wall Rack Console




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Apron Wall Rack Console

Properly store your radiation aprons after use with EDM’s Apron Wall Rack Console. To avoid any creasing or damage to the aprons, this wall rack is an efficient way to store the aprons and ensure they are hung up properly while remaining flat.  

The console takes up a small portion of space and can securely store up to 5 aprons. It is designed with sturdy built-in hangers that ensure the aprons will not slip off once placed on the rack. These hangers also include hooks on the base to give practitioners the option of hanging up their lead skirts with their aprons if needed.

Users can choose between a right or left sided console for the wall. For facilities that require more storage, the right and left consoles can be combined for a set up that holds up to 10 radiation aprons. The console weighs approximately 7 pounds and is made with durability in mind, thus allowing it to hold radiation aprons of various weights. Overall, this rack is straightforward to install, organizes the aprons, and protects them from any potential damage. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our team of radiation protection specialists.

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Weight 20 lbs


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