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These media are for use with professional printers paired with ultrasound machines.

The Sony UPP-110HD, UPP-110HG and UPP-110HA are respectively High-Density, High-Gloss, and High-Contrast A6 ultrasound papers. The UPP-110Sis a standard paper compatible with the latest medical printers. The UPP-84HG only fits the new Sony UP-D711MD. They are all black & white printing papers. The UPP-210HD & UPP-210SE are A4 High-Density and High-Quality papers. UPC-21S and UPC-21L are respectively A7 and A6 Color papers. Three Mitsubishi thermal papers are available: K65HM, K91HG & K61B. They are made for Mitsubishi printers only and are also B&W. We also have less common Sony papers and kits in stock, such as the UPC-510, UPC-770, and UPC-5510. For more information about the right paper or printer for your needs, please call or chat with us. For printer compatibility, check the paper specification on the product page.