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We are pleased to partner with Intalere and MAGNET GROUP as a vendor of high-quality ultrasound and infection control supplies. These strategic partnerships offer GPO members the ability to unlock special negotiated pricing on a wide variety of products.

From imaging centers to radiology departments, EDM seeks to leverage its experience from serving a broad mix of healthcare facilities in the past to meet the needs of MAGNET and Intalere members. Over the course of 30 years, the company has remained attentive to developments in the medical imaging sector and has continually tailored its product offering to meet the needs of its clients.

We currently offer a wide variety of supplies and devices for ultrasound-guided procedures and interventional imaging:

  • US probe covers: endocavity and surface covers 
  • US gels: sterile and non-sterile options, electromedical options, and different levels of viscosity 
  • US papers and printers: high-quality thermal papers for ultrasound 
  • Biopsy needle guides: endocavity, general purpose, and biopsy devices
  • Surgical equipment drapes: camera drapes, dome bags, c-arm covers, and more 
  • Surgical media: surgical monitors, recorders, and disc producers
  • Gynecology: medical lubricants, speculums, catheters, and IUD kits
  • Hygiene and disinfection: hospital-grade disinfectant sprays, wipes, gloves, and high-level disinfection

If you are not a member of MAGNET or Intalere and would like to have access to negotiated pricing, please contact us at and one of our customer service representatives will provide insights into the application process of the GPO you are interested in joining.

EDM offers free shipping, same-day shipping, 30-day return policy, safe processing, and PO ordering

To better serve our GPO clients, we have integrated group pricing into our e-commerce platform. Members can create their own account, which allows them to automatically view negotiated pricing, manage their orders, and more, all at the click of a button. This facilitates a seamless purchasing experience that makes order management simpler and more efficient.

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  • OR turnover kits and drapes
  • Ultrasound probe covers
  • Camera drapes
  • Microscope drapes
  • C-arm covers
  • Dome bags
  • Banded bags
  • Needle guides
  • Ultrasound gels


Intalere is one of the largest GPOs in the United States. With over 60 years of experience, the group is a provider-led healthcare supply chain company which helps organizations improve their clinical, operational, and financial performance. Intalere has experience with a wide variety of healthcare provider types and is committed to empowering each one to achieve efficiency and excellence in their supply chain.



4/1/20 – 3/31/23


Medical Products for Ultrasound, Biopsy, Equipment Drapes, Gynecology & Hygiene

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MAGNET GROUP, one of the oldest and most experienced group purchasing organizations (GPO) in the country, serves approximately 9,000 members. Founded in 1979, MAGNET GROUP is a specialty GPO with a portfolio focused on capital and small medical equipment, facilities related products, select medical products, HR services, technology and other services. MAGNET GROUP is “Your Other GPO” for simple secondary sourcing of quality contracts.

Participants include all varieties of healthcare providers and non-healthcare entities, such as municipalities and universities. MAGNET GROUP members choose from over 200 no-hassle GPO contracts without volume compliance or bundled services issues and never pay membership dues or fees.